Military Registration For Women

By the order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine dated 11.10.2021 No. 313, it is provided that from 01.10.2022, the obligation regarding military registration will apply to women – citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 60, who have qualifications (profession) contained in the updated list. At the same time, as the representatives of the Ministry of Education inform, both the acquired specialty (qualification) in accordance with a diploma, and a held position or types of activities КВЕД (in case of self-employed person) shall be considered.

Military registration shall be carried out by Territorial Recruitment & Social Support Centers («Centers»). In addition, the employers of the relevant persons will have to carry out the accounting. Currently, no deadline has been established for the registration of the mentioned specialists. More detailed explanation of the registration procedure is also expected.

Enrollment will require the relevant persons to pass a medical examination to determine fitness for military service, the obligation to attend the Centers when called, as well as several restrictions related to the status of a conscript. Conscripted women will be subject to:

  1. the obligation to notify the Centers about a change of place of residence (place of registration), family composition, education, etc.,
  2. a ban on leaving Ukraine (exceptions will be the same categories of persons that currently apply to men: disability, independent upbringing of a minor, presence of 3 or more children, etc.) for the period of martial law,
  3. the possibility of being called up for military service or involved in the performance of work to ensure the defense of the state in wartime (but not in peacetime).

At the same time, representatives of the Ministry of Defense report that the introduction of military registration for women is currently aimed at clarifying the mobilization capabilities of the state and will not result in the involvement of women in armed conflict.

Inclusion of women in the military register

On 07/14/2022, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that such inclusion of women in the military register wil be carried out only with their voluntary consent. Thus, the responsibility for not taking actions to enroll women in the mentioned specialties will not apply to such persons and their employers, and the above obligations and restrictions will apply only to women enrolled in the military at their request.

In addition, the General Staff stated that the implementation of measures to take women into the military register according to the analyzed order shall be postponed and start no earlier than a month after the end (cancellation) of the special period, i.e. no earlier than the complete cessation of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.