Remote meetings of JSC, no international driving permits

The mechanism for holding general meetings of JSC and CIF during the war is specified

On 06.11.2022, the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC) approved amendments to its Resolution No. 1183 dated 19.09.2022.

Thus, the introduced amendments provide that during the period of martial law general meetings of shareholders of a joint-stock company or participants of a corporate investment fund shall be hold exclusively in one of the following ways:

  • remotely in accordance with the Temporary procedure for convening and remote holding of general meetings of shareholders and general meetings of corporate investment fund participants;
  • by holding general meeting of shareholders of a joint-stock company, in which shareholders – owners of 100 percent of voting shares – participate, in accordance with the Procedure established by the Decision of the NSSMC No. 1318 dated 06.11.2022.

The document enters into force on the next day after its publication on the official website of the NSSMC, that is, from 07.11.2022.

MEPs approve EU road transport agreements with Ukraine and Moldova

According to the statement on the official website of the European Parliament, on 10.11.2022 European Parliament gave its green light to the EU agreements with Ukraine and Moldova to ease the cross-border transport of goods.

Noted that these agreements temporarily facilitate road freight transport, allowing Ukrainian, Moldovan and EU hauliers to transit through, and operate between, each other’s territories without the need for related permits.

In addition, the EU-Ukraine agreement will allow Ukrainian drivers to continue using their existing Ukrainian driving licences and certificates of professional competence to drive in the EU, without having to hold an international driving permit.

According to the statement of the EP rapporteur Marian-Jean Marinescu, thanks to these agreements, the level of exports and imports by road shall increase. Not only does this reduce the risk of a global food crisis, it is also a step toward further expansion of the transport relationship between EU and these countries.

Both agreements are provisionally in force since 29 June 2022.