The Procedure for registration of Plant Varieties, permits for Subsoil Use can now be Issued Online

Law on Protection of Rights to Plant Varieties Improved

On 16.11.2022, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law (Draft Law No. 3680-d), which simplified the procedure for examination and registration of plant varieties, circulation of seeds and planting material.

The main updates include:

  • an application for plant variety may be submitted electronically, the terms for consideration of the application was shorten;
  • the procedure for importing seeds and plant varieties into the territory of Ukraine, included into the Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine, was simplified;
  • permits for import of seed samples for research purposes may be received online.

According to the statement of Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine, the Law also simplifies the registration of plant varieties that are already registered in the EU and the USA, which makes it possible to supply seeds of the brand-new plant varieties to Ukrainian farmers at the same time as EU and US agro-producers for strategically important crops for Ukraine, in particular corn, sunflower, soybeans and blueberries.

Special Permits for Subsoil Use can now be Issued Online: Ministry of Environment

According to the statement of the Ministry of Environment of Ukraine, from now on the electronic cabinet of subsurface user has been put into operation. It is available on the national platform EcoSystem.

Among others, the platform provides for the possibility of submitting an application and corresponding package of documents for:

  • obtaining or reissuing special permits for subsoil use;
  • extension of validity period of the permits;
  • introduction of changes or expansion of borders of using.

Harmonization of the Customs Tariff

On 16.11.2022, the President of Ukraine signed the Law (Draft Law No. 7737), according to which the Customs Tariff of Ukraine was harmonized with the global classification of goods, in particular, in the part of the product nomenclature; forms of foreign trade documentation.

Import duty rates shall remain unchanged.

The Law shall enter into force on 1 January 2023.