Public procurement, tenders

Public contracts make up a significant share of the national economy. Tendering via “Prozorro” allowing private businesses to supply their goods and services to public entities. We have extensive experience offering advisory services on all stages of the procurement process to public authorities, companies and private customers.

  • Challenge tender documents:
    – drafting a claim to challenge unlawful or discriminatory terms of tender documents with a claim to amend tender documents;
  • at selection phase
    – drafting a claim to challenge decision made by contracting authority where the unsuccessful candidate was rejected as non-compliant or failing to fulfil the selection requirements
  • at evaluation of tenders and determination of the winning tenderer
    – drafting a claim to challenge tender award decision (standstill letters) made by contracting authority
  • at cancelation of a tendering procedure
    – challenge decision of the contracting authority to cancel a tendering procedure;


  • appeal to the court against alleged failures by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine made in procurement process
  • check the Client’s tender complies with the requirements, conditions and criteria set out in procurement documents and current legislation of Ukraine
  • Dealing with «abnormally low tenders», clarify with the contracting authority why Client’s offer is so low
  • Draft and file a complaint with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine challenging tender documents, requesting to review contract award decision
  • drafting Client’s requests addressed to contracting authority to amend or clarify procurement documents
  • examine Client’s tender verifying the absence of grounds for exclusion and the fulfilment of the selection criteria provided by contracting authority
  • examine procurement documents provided by contracting authorities to verify fulfilment of current legislation of Ukraine
  • prepare and submit Client’s tender properly executed in compliance with procurement documents
  • search and selection of procurement procedure according to Client’s criteria

Key Contacts

Олександра Місяць, старший радник

Aleksandra Misiats

Senior Counsel, Head of Procurement, Attorney, PhD