The European food quality control system is to be introduced

The European food quality control system is to be introduced

The legal and organizational bases for state control over compliance with legislation on food products, pet food, animal health and welfare, as well as legislation concerning by-products of animal origin whilst import (transfer) thereof to the customs territory of Ukraine by the market operators are determined.

For arrangement and conducting of the state control, inter alia, at the state border of Ukraine, a competent authority is to be established.

Such authority will undergo an external audit, and its officials will improve their qualifications annually.
Should the risk to life and health of citizens arise, the inspection of business entities will be carried out without prior notice. At the same time, additional measures for ensuring business rights, eliminating corruption risks shall be introduced, in particular, by means of filming the inspection process not only by inspectors of the State Consumer’s Right Protection Service, but by a business entity itself also.

On top of that:

— the procedure for calculating expenses of state control measures are to be financed by market operators is established;

— liability for unlawful decisions, actions and omission of officials of the competent authority, and authorized persons is introduced;

— amounts of penalties to be applied to market operators are determined;

— data record to the register of countries and capacities, from where the import of food products and pet food shall be allowed is stipulated.

The Law «On the State Control to be Conducted in order to Verify Compliance with the Legislation on Safety and Quality of Food Products, Pet Food, Animal Health and Welfare» was signed by the President on 30 June 2017.

It is expected the adoption of the said Law will facilitate progress within the fulfillment of obligations under the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, and will allow the creation of an effective control system providing the protection of each consumer from dangerous food products.