Legal News: updated list of occupied territories, 2023 Draft State budget, transport visa-free regime

The list of the areas subject to military actions updated

On 20 September 2022, the List of the Territorial Communities Areas Located Subject to Military (Battle) Actions in the Area of Hostilities or being under Temporary Occupation, Encirclement (Blockade) was updated.

2023 Draft State Budget

On 13 September 2022, the Government approved 2023 Draft State Budget of Ukraine. The Draft envisages, among others, the following main indicators:

  • budget deficit – 1 279 800 000 UAH,
  • minimum salary – 6 700 UAH per month,
  • subsistence minimum – 2 589 UAH, for able-bodied persons – 2 684 UAH,
  • expected exchange rate of the US Dollar – 42 UAH, up to 50 UAH by the end of the year,
  • expected inflation rate – 30%, unemployment rate – 28%.

Transport visa-free regime with the EU

The Decree of the President of Ukraine dated 16 September 2022 under No. 654/2022 approved and enacted the Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union on Freight Transportation by Road executed made on 29 June 2022.

The Agreement is intended to simplify the procedures for transit and international transportation of goods by road between EU countries and Ukraine by granting additional rights to carriers registered under the laws of one of the parties to the Agreement, to soften the negative effect caused, in particular, by transport disruptions in operation of transport amidstcaused by the Russian military aggression.

The Agreement provides, inter alia that:

  • the obligation for the Ukrainian carriers do not have to obtain special permits for carrying out the relevant types of transportation shall be terminated;
  • the procedure for recognizing driver’s documents shall be simplified: from now on, persons holding a driver’s license issued under the laws of one of the parties to the Agreement are exempted from the obligation to have an international driver’s license while carrying out such transportation.

The mentioned simplifications shall be of a temporary nature: it is stipulated that the Agreement will be effective for a year and may be extended.