White collar crime

SDM Partners Law Firm protects business interests in white collar crime cases. Our law firm has a team of lawyers with extensive in-depth experience in protecting owners and management against criminal prosecution in white collar crime cases.


  • alternative conflict resolution
  • forensic
  • international extradition
  • management team and the company in corporate conflicts
  • management team and the company in criminal cases (white collar crime)


  • Protection of the interests of the international company owner when considering his out-of-country extradition.
  • Successful protection of client interests in conflict with a business partner.
  • Non admission to possess the company’s machinery and equipment by fraudsters.
  • Representation of interests of banks top management (Heads and members of the Management Board, Supervisory Boards, others) in criminal proceedings initiated as a result of appeals from the Federal State Budget Fund.
  • Successful protection of the owner of the Business Center during the raider attempt to capture the building of the Business Center. Identification of raiders and their non-admission to the Business Center building, prompt and successful appeal of illegal registration actions, initiation of criminal prosecution of raiders.

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