Private Clients

Private clients: legal support to family businesses, private entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals. SDM Partners Law Firm helps to preserve and protect the assets, to multiply them and to minimize the tax burden. We provide an extensive legal service in the protection of assets by corporate, tax and marriage law. Of all the diverse ways that can be used to structure private investment, we also recommend our clients to consider trusts and family foundations. SDM Partners Law Firm has more than 100 partners in Europe, US and Asia and can offer clients a number of options for obtaining a residence permit to suit the individual preferences.


  • Advising on the tax legislation in different countries
  • Analysising of a tax resident’s status in different countries
  • Developing a tax-optimized model of acquisition and possession of real estate and movable property
  • Developing the corporate structure with a trust mechanism or a foundation
  • Drafting and negotiate trust agreements, constituent documents of funds etc. with the beneficiaries and consultants in the relevant jurisdictions
  • Drafting donation agreements, including on the donor’s term
  • Drafting, negotiating and signing a marriage contract
  • Legal advice on the registration of acceptance/rejection of inheritance
  • Legal support in choosing the most appropriate jurisdiction to transfer assets / establishing a trust or a private/family foundation
  • Mediation in disputes on inheritance
  • Representing spouses in legal issues related to living in a civil union: the right to property, the status of children