Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is one of the most complex and interconnected areas of law, which has become a key asset of all types of business. These assets require consistent and comprehensive protection.

Our сlients are from different industries, including but not limited: the manufacturing and realization of light industry goods, machinery and equipment, banking, medicine, project finance, investment, agriculture, insurance, real estate, logistics, automotive, oil and gas, telecommunications, software, advertising and media, and many others fields.

SDM Partners has developed comprehensive expertise in all aspects of patents, trademarks, copyright, designs, domain names, trade secrets and related unfair competition issues.

Whether designing strategies and developing worldwide intellectual property portfolios or litigating the newest generation of cases, we focus on delivering practical and positive experience.


  • Advocate protection of information in the course of inspections and prosecutorial activities of fiscal and enforcement authorities
  • Any agreements relating to IP rights’ arrangement (purchase, sale, licensing, franchising, etc.)
  • Drafting contracts with employees / contractors in order to minimize possible risks of incorrect transition of IP rights, arising in the course of performing tasks
  • Improvement of the descriptive part of IP objects for the purpose of its registration
  • IP / IT dispute resolution, including proceedings in all Ukrainian State courts, courts of arbitration and international arbitration institutions
  • IP audits and due diligence of IP assets in order to protect all IP objects/rights, which are used in business activity
  • Legal formalization of various structures for the transfer, storage and processing of data online, including obtaining a transboundary nature
  • Legal support in personal data processing and protection
  • State registration of various IP objects (trademarks, patents, registered designs, know-how, copyrights and managing international portfolios of these rights)
  • Tax planning and tax optimization of payments of royalties and author's remuneration (including abroad)


  • Provision of legal advice to the Belgium healthcare holding on the obtaining the patent in Austria for the invention of medical technology for its subsequent use in the production of medications for stopping blood
  • Legal support of a worldwide cosmetics and beauty brand in registration of trademarks on the new cosmetology products 2019 in the territory of Ukraine
  • Registration of patents for the production of slag blocks, technologies of its production, etc.
  • Represent the interest of US financial corporation whilst crediting one of the Ukrainian banks as well as securing such credit (by intellectual property rights for its trademarks and its specialized banking software).
  • Registration of trademarks, drafting licensing agreements related to the launch of VR-cinemas, and registration of trademarks related to re-branding of the cinema network
  • Legal assistance in drafting licensing agreements related to the receipt of royalties (royalties for the use of grain varieties, which are registered in favour of the client), both from Ukrainian farms – the end users of grain, and the selection enterprises that buy grain for subsequent reproduction
  • Comprehensive legal support of the medical centres in Ukraine in registration for obtaining a license on trademarks of the leading international healthcare and diagnostic services provider
  • Legal support of the international investment fund in the distribution of its trademark in the largest shopping centres of Kiev
  • Comprehensive legal support of a global advertising campaign, regarding the introduction of a new product on the Ukrainian market
  • Legal support of the US financial corporation in obtaining the pledge of intellectual property rights of the entire Group of companies in Ukraine in favor of U.S. commercial finance company, which specializes in loans for small & medium-sized businesses planning international operations such as exports, imports and cross border direct investments. In other words, the pledge of corporate rights in securing credit funds from a commercial financial company.
  • Legal support to the leading international healthcare and diagnostic services provider in updating its licensing agreements for using of trademarks by various companies of the provider in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, as well as the using of its software
  • Legal support of the network of traditional bakeries an confectionaries in Russia and Ukraine in purchasing a brand of agricultural producer.
  • Legal due diligence of the owner of licensing intellectual property rights of the leading international healthcare and diagnostic services provider. Further eliminating the drawbacks associated with accounting for royalties.
  • Legal assistance for a Belgian investment fund in registering and establishing pledges of trademark rights
  • Legal support of the Ukrainian operator of railway cars in updating the license agreement for the use of specialized software, which helps to track the location of wagons at a particular time
  • Legal support of the European medical laboratory chain in acquisition of rights to use specific software and trademarks of one of the largest laboratories in eastern Ukraine
  • Protect the client’s interest against the illegal use of its trademark by third persons including through the law enforcement bodies in Ukraine. The value may be estimated around 30% of the client’s sales, which is a few million US Dollars.
  • Representation of the client in the copyrights disputes relating to numerous musical compositions

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