Healthcare reform in Ukraine

Healthcare reform in Ukraine

Healthcare reform continues: on the 30th January the Law No. 2168-VIII “On the State Financial Guarantees of Medical Services to the Population” came into force.

The Cabinet of Ministers has 2 more months left in order to handle the issue of the introduction of mandatory state social medical insurance.

The state guaranteed a package which covers full payment of the services on emergency, palliative and primary levels, partial payment on secondary (specialized) and third (highly specialized) levels, as well as services on rehabilitation, medical care for children under 16 years old and medical assistance relating to pregnancy and childbirth.

It is noted that the creation of the National Health Service of Ukraine is prepared. Such, starting its operation in July, shall be a national insurer that will conclude agreements with healthcare institutions and purchase the service on the public health care from them.

Moreover, the process of the automation of the medical facilities began. They will be turned into municipal non-profit organizations. In such a status, the said will be able to conclude the agreements with the National Health Service of Ukraine and receive direct funding for provided medical services from the state budget.

The Healthcare Ministry reminded that Ukrainians will be able to choose primary care clinicians (family doctor, general practitioner, pediatrician) and sign a proper declaration with them starting from April 2018. Currently this procedure is being conducted in test mode.

Until 31 December 2024, medical facilities of state and municipal forms of ownership, which are providers of medical services under the program of health care guarantees are obliged to ensure the volume of paid medical services beyond the program shall not exceed 20% of the volume of all services provided.

It also stipulated that the launch of an electronic healthcare system replacing medical records and certificates in paper form, as well as allowing doctors to issue electronic prescriptions is expected soon