IT, Outsourcing, Software, Hi-Tech

Юридичні консультації для IT-сектору: програмне забезпечення

SDM Partners is known on the market for the exceptional legal support for IT, Outsourcing,  Hi-Tech and Software. We are proud of our clients, market leaders in IT: hard- and software, product development and outsourcing companies, start-ups and investors, online services and e-commerce, software vendors and purchasers of IT services, betting and gaming. SDM Partners helps clients to realize the full potential of their intellectual property rights by drawing on the skills of lawyers in related practice areas, such as antitrust and competition; corporate security and tax law who know all fine points of doing business involving IT.


  • Advising on investments into IT companies and start-ups (including due diligence on various stages
  • Advising on purchase of services involving IT, including development and customization of software, digital advertising, SAAS and other.
  • Data protection and information security
  • Developing the strategy of formalization and transfer of copyright to software, with a specific focus on WMHs created by employees, freelancers and contracting companies in various jurisdictions.
  • Development of effective business models for IT-outsourcing and reduction of risks
  • Dispute Resolution in Hi-Tech and Software
  • Providing legal support in connection with challenging sales of software products and IT companies.
  • Providing legal support to online businesses
  • Related intellectual property technology issues
  • Software, development, licensing and maintenance agreements, commercial technology arrangements.


  • Represent a foreign software company in acquisition of a web-site concerning management of on-line sales, including acquisition of software products and trademarks.
  • Among our clients in Hi-Tech and Software industry, whom we provided legal support in Ukraine, we may name: BPL Global, Digital Sky Technologies, Parallels (SWSoft), Oberon Media (iPlay), TAS Group and others.
  • Establishing the effective business model in Ukraine for a US software company; registration and support regarding software products, trademarks, etc.
  • Acquisition of the Ukrainian radio plant by a foreign hi-tech company.
  • Legal support to a Ukrainian investor with respect to a startup (mobile devices software), including corporate structuring, tax and registration of the intellectual property rights.
  • Represent a multinational hi-tech company in various merger control filings performed outside Ukraine.
  • Represent a French company in connection with establishing a joint venture operating software for managing power plants.
  • Assist to a US software company in tax matters relating to across-the-border transfers of the software products, sale of the business assets, transfer of the employees to a new entity, and liquidation of the Ukrainian software production company.

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